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You are inside the Difondo’s website which collects the works created in the last years in the field of electroacoustic music and improvisation.

The compositive processes here activated are strictly linked with the practice of improvisation as a cathartic moment of emotions and different musical gestures, most of the times re-thought and re-performed after a careful phase of listening and discussion.

The performing modes carried out by the musicians come from the precise intention of creating music in real time using acoustic instruments (zither, sound objetcs etc.) and digital instruments (sampler) to generate sounds.

The music projects have been from time to time amplified and deepended creating videos and visuals for the live dimension and giving great emphasis to the graphic side of the works releases.

The website is thought as a kind of multimedia book with writings, sounds, photos, videos and graphics which tell in a diary style of the past, present and future works to come as a way of following our creative path in real time.

You will already find videos, writings and graphic works while the music ones will be published on the web following a chronological order in the next months starting from January 2018 with Sensuality, originally released in 1998.

G. Campus   S. Camedda 


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