Giampaolo Campus

born in Cagliari in 1965;    images

1990-1996 attends the Experimental Composition course at the Music Conservatory of Cagliari kept by Franco Oppo;

1993  degree in Language and Foreign Literatures at the University of Cagliari discussing a thesis on I. Stravinskij ‘s “The Rake’s Progress”;

1994-95 translates Michael Nyman’s “Experimental Music: Cage and Beyondand La Monte Young’s “Writings” for IBIMUS Cagliari;

1998-2016 founder member of the electroacoustic music group “DIFONDO” together with the musician Sergio Camedda. Within this collaboration takes part to: a) festivals: 2004 “Marina Cafè” Cagliari; 2005 “Lem Festival” Barcellona; 2010, “Festa della Musica”, Arco; 2012 “Skywine”, Ala; 2013 “Mobiles”, Mori; 2013 “Portobeseno”, Calliano; 2014 “Festival Internazionale di Chitarra” Brentonico; 2014 “Elve” Trento; b) exibitions: 2000 “The Rat in the Cage”, Cagliari; c) lectures: 1999-2001 Microonde, Università di Cagliari (ERSU); d) works commissions: 2001 “Locked Grooves” for the Dutch label Staalplat; 2003 – 2005 “Fabulas”- for Radio Press , Cagliari; 2009 “Time Flux” for Cassa Rurale di Brentonico; e) soundtracks: 2008 “Senza Ferro” film by Giuseppe Casu and 2012 “L’amore e la follia” film by Giuseppe Casu; f) netlabel releases: 2010 – 2012 La Bèl Netlabel, 2011 Parafonica Netlabel, 2010 – 2012 Ozky e-sound netlabel; g) cdr: 1998 Sensuality; 1999 Imaginary Landscapes (with Giuseppe Casu); 2000 I 12 Frammenti; 2004 La XIV Commensale; 2004 Homemade Surfing Psycho Juke-Box; 2005 Fabulas; 2008 Himalaya (with Giuseppe Casu); 2010 Habitat (with Giuseppe Casu); 2017 Sampler and Zither (Setola di Maiale);

2009-2016 founder member and president of the cultural association I PARAFONISTI DEL BALDO and of its music collective, organizing events and creating original projects: 2009 “Zang Tumb Tumb”, Brentonico, at  the War Museum, Rovereto and Filarmonica, Trento; 2010 “SIIO VLUMMIA – Torrente” , Chiesa di S.Pietro e Paolo, Brentonico; 2010 “Deperillizia”, Civic Library, Rovereto (released by Parafonica Netlabel); 2011 “Ecofonie”, Cornè di Brentonico; 2012 “Am Blam Stap”, Ala; 2015 “Ecofonie + Alex Langer”, Brentonico;

2011-2016 curator of PARAFONICA NETLABEL which releases on the web works composed by  musicians from Trentino and works around Trentino;

2011-2014 CAVA TAPI – “La voce dell’antenna” – multimedia project conceived together with Walter Salin and with Sergio Camedda, Anna Baroldi and Stefano Fadda’s contribution, under Presidenza del Consiglio della provincia autonoma di Trento’s patronage, on Fortunato Depero’s literary works and life (released by Parafonica Netlabel). 2011, Live in Castello del Buonconsiglio, Trento and 2012 in Fondo (TN- Italy), on the occasion of a Depero’s art exibition. Three audio-documentaries were made inside the same project: “Io lo conoscevo bene: I-II-III” with likewise interviews in collaboration with Walter Salin around Fortunato Depero’s figure with Carla Amadori (Depero’s niece), Ferruccio Zamboni and Ivana Gaifas (released by Parafonica Netlabel);

2012-2013 joins the music modular collective CLICK ENSEMBLE taking part to: 2012 “Live Improvisation”, Brentonico; 2012 “Policronie 5.8.11” di Roberto Conz, Rovereto; 2013 “Mobiles”, Rovereto;

1999-2013 takes part to WORKSHOPS on improvisation with David Shea, Otomo Yoshihide, Tim Hodgkinson, Victor Nubla, Jean Marc Montera, Elio Martusciello, Enrico Malatesta, Christian Wolfarth, Seijiro Murayama and Ingar Zack;

2010-2011 IL GIARDINO SONORO – blog writing on the labs kept with Walter Salin at the I.C. Brentonico on active listening techniques, music improvisations, discovery of the environment sounds and natural processes of flowers and plants with the changing of season inside Passerini’s Greenhouse in Brentonico;

2012 GREENHOUSE MUSIC – lab kept at the I.C. Brentonico with Walter Salin on music improvisation through the discovery of sounds made by the building of music instruments from vegetables;

2014 ASCOLTANDO IL MONTE BALDO – blog writing kept by the students of the I.C. Brentonico on the sound mapping of Brentonico Plateau through individual and collective soundwalks;

2004-2006 joins the electroacustic music ensemble MOEX taking part to concerts/exibitions in: 2004, Nuragic Sanctuary of Santa Vittoria di Serri (Ca), 2005 Sound Sculptures, Cagliari and 2006, Berchidda Jazz  Festival with “Suoni in Transito” project;

2003-2005 founds the electroacoustic music duo DISEGUAL together with the musician Stefano Tedesco, taking part to: 2003, Memorial Naco Perc Fest, first prize (ex-aequo), Laigueglia (SV); 2004, Festival di Musica Contemporanea “Spaziomusica, Cagliari; 2005, IXEM, festival di musica sperimentale, Mestre;

1999-2001 founder member of the music research group “MICROONDE”  in collaboration with the University of Cagliari organizing annual courses on about the use of computers in music, musicological lectures on new music tendencies and technologies and workshops (David Shea e Otomo Yoshihide);

Now lives in Settimo San Pietro (CA) and teaches at Burcei Middle School (CA – Italy).



Further information on the specific projects in the following websites:

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Il Giardino Sonoro (Blog):

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