A Short Selection of Imaginary Landscapes (1999)

 02. Difondo - Imaginary Landscape (1999)
1. On Air
2. Sunday Morning
3. Notturno N°1
4. Sunday Night
5. Stasi C
6. Notturno N°3
7. Respiro
8. Radio Imaginary Landscapes

The starting idea rises from the intention of composing pieces which, coming from everyday concrete sound world, are able to evoke in some way imaginary soundscapes and are the occasion for a further development of the performing perspective.

In this sense, besides the usage of a software sequencer, main core of the entire compositive project, virtual samplers are played and improvisations are performed – using also unconventional instruments, like radios – following  previously defined gestures.

On this occasion, some musicians collaborated to the project using unconventional instrumental techniques so giving impulse to compositive and performing aspects.

Sergio Camedda: sampling, field recordings, editing, mixing and radio;
Giampaolo Campus: sampling, editing, mixing and radio;
Giuseppe Casu: guitar (3 – 6) and radio;
Gianni Porcu: trumpet (3 –7) and field recordings;
Nicola Corda: breath  (7).