Himalaya (2008)

07. Difondo - Himalaya (2008) 1. Microcosmo
2. Mantra
3. Mein bruder
4. Specchi d’onda
5. Salva
6. Carnival (1° maggio)
7. Vibes
8. Himalaya
9. Money

The path of performing research, which has characterized the latest cd-rs, follows in this work through an even more mixture between acoustic elements and digital processings. Great emphasis has given on the use of sound objects and acoustic instruments, mainly with a percussive character, performed with their natural timbre or sampled and processed in real time. This attitude remains however open to a melodic research which is from time to time rethought through the elements mentioned above or the suggestions coming from the guitar.

The work takes origin from various improvisation sessions, held in different moments starting from May 2006, which in a year time have brought to a selection of pieces which have been subjected to an editing and mixing phase. This has been intended as a work which conjugated the performing urgency to a sound quality suitable to the timbrical research, avoiding to put in action heavy  processings on the material coming from the various sessions.

Particular significance has also given  on the dislocation of sounds in the space which, in the performing moment, has been realized in a quadriphonic spatial dimension even though, in the cd version, has been brought to a stereophonic one to allow a wider circulation of the project.

The title, which comes from a fragment of a poem declaimed in Italian by a group of German language children from Alto Adige (northern Italy), reveals the idea of the geographic connotation of the work – the mountains –  the place where the music comes up. This is considered a relevant aspect of the compositive moment, intended as a specific perspective from which the surrounding world is observed.

Sergio Camedda: sampler, looper, voice, cd players, turntable, sound objects, fx and space controller;
Giampaolo Campus: sampler/ looper, synth, drum machine, sound objects, glockenspiel, melodica, fx and space controller;
Giuseppe Casu: guitar, looper, fx and sound objects.

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