Homemade Surfing Psycho Juke-Box (2004)

05. Difondo - Homemade Surfing Psycho Juke-Box (2004) 1. dentro e fuori
2. homemade
3. quello che non c’è
4. psycho juke-box
5. camera con vista
6. zapping
7. the night watch
8. surfing lives
9. quella piacevole assenza del se
10. risvegli (senza soluzione discontinuità)

Composed and performed in a single day, it is however the final step of a long path which is centred on improvisation as a means of a compositive and performing research. In this case, improvisation is seen not as a means of generating music ideas to work on, but as a practice and method of making performing and compositive moment coincide.

In this perspective the meetings and the experiences developed with musicians like Elio Martusciello (Ossatura), Tim Hodginkson (Henry Cow – Konk Pack), Jean Marc Montera e Victor Nubla were essential.

On this occasion, the instrumental setup is consolidated. It is almost entirely characterized by hardware instruments, including radios and sound objects, amplified by contact and directional microphones. It is also taken into account a performing dimension addressed to the constant reserch of the interplay between the musicians, including operations as sound processing and live sampling.

The session chosen among many others has been divided, without adding any kind of post processing, into 10 moments / episodes which, to a further  reflection and as a sort of game, have been associated with mental instants / states. These have been linked with the idea of space, represented here in the space of a room and conceived as a place where or from it is possible to raise the glance of an hypothetical listener.

Sergio Camedda: sampler, cd player, turntable and fx;
Giampaolo Campus: sampler / looper,  synth, drum machine, radio, sound objects and fx.

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