Sensuality (1998)

01. Difondo - Sensuality (1998)

1. Streichquartett
2. Friuli
3. Sorapi
4. Cancelli
5. M.M.
6. Vietnam
7. Sensuality
8. Rallenti
9. Jam


Sensuality comes from feverish sampling sessions from the most varied sources – cds from different musical genres, field recordings, sounds captured from radios or generated by FM synthesis – and from a hard editing work, basically centred upon timbre and pitch parameters, time and samples treatment by fx and filters.

143. Difondo - Sensuality - cd artwork (1998)

Difondo – Sensuality – cd artwork (1998)

The sound texture is built by rhytmic and melodic blocks coming from the pairing and overlapping of the chosen timbres, sometimes panning the sounds in the stereo field. The entire operation is addressed to offer a personal interpretation of the sound character which is considered in its sensual feature.

Sergio Camedda: sampling, field recordings, editing and mixing;
Giampaolo Campus: sampling, editing and mixing.

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