You should leave it more beautiful than when you found it (2005)

09. Difondo - You should leave it more beautiful than when you found it (2005)01. You should leave it more beautiful than when you found (2005)

This composition is the result of a long period of reflections on the idea space by means of readings, discussions and personal experiences.

The starting motivation of operating with the space parameter arises from the acknowledgement of the possibilities offered by the recent technology, now become a mass property, – home theatre and dvd support -.  This as a matter of fact takes with itself the possibility of creating a sort of sound immersion for musicians and the audience as a kind of microcmos where the sound takes its own connotation by means of the dislocation of loudspeakers and its floating through them.

From a performing side, this has taken to the usage of specific softwares and controllers, besides the usual store of hardware instruments and guitar contributions.

Many ways of operating, already present in the other works, are clearly recognisable in this composition. Improvisation, founding moment of the performing attitude, is here intended as a cathartic moment of different music operations which provide live sound processing, sampling and spatialization.

Fragments of a speech of an unknown woman taken from a radio transmission are also used. The voice is processed by means of cut-up techniques and it is live manipulated trying to arise in the audience conscience a free echo of the facts of contemporary world.

The dvd-audio support has been chosen in this case to reproduce the music in a home theatre to recreate in the listener a sonic immersion.

Sergio Camedda: sampler, cd player, turntable and fx;
Giampaolo Campus: sampler / looper,  synth, radio, sound objects, fx and space controller;
Giuseppe Casu: guitar, looper and fx.

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