Click Ensemble

133. Click Ensemble Click Ensemble is a modular ensemble dedicated to improvisation and composed by Antonio Bertoni (double bass), Luca Santini (trumpet), Massimo Valentinotti (acoustic guitar), Federico Robol (bass flute), Sergio Camedda (sampler) and Giampaolo Campus (zither) which develops a timbrical research on instruments and on performing and compositional procedures inspired by original graphic scores.

The ensemble activity is based on events which have from time to time hosted improvisers (Paolo Sanna, Elia Casu, Adriano Orrù and Silvia Corda), composers (Roberto Conz) and classical musicians (Double Mallet Quartet).

At the same time workshops have been organized with improvisers such as Seijiro Murayama, Christian Wolfarth, Enrico Malatesta e Ingar Zack.


2013 “Mobiles” with Adriano Orrù and Silvia Corda, Rovereto;
2012 “Policronie 5.8.11” composed by Roberto Conz, with Paolo Sanna, Elia Casu and Double Mallet Quartet,orchestra leader Marco Pangrazzi, Rovereto;
2012 “Live Improvisation” with Paolo Sanna, Elia Casu, Brentonico

2013 Ingar Zack, Area Sismica, Forlì
2013 Christian Wolfarth, Rovereto
2012 Seijiro Murayama, Rovereto
2012 Enrico Malatesta, Rovereto

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