The videos and the visuals here collected were shot as an extension of the music projects. Some of them were born as a parallel production to the music as in the case of the “Habitat” video project or “Close up” visuals for the live concerts.

Some others like the “Himalaya”’s ones were done to promote and visually deepen the music compositions while “Operaio” ‘s idea came as a single project on the working conditions theme experimenting the stop motion technique.

Here are also some live reports of our concerts …. Enjoy them!!!

Click on the image to watch  and read about the videos.

16. Difondo - Sampler and Zither (2014)

Live Videos (2014-2017)

136 bis. Difondo - Close Up

Close Up Visuals (2012-2014)

08. Difondo - Habitat (2010)

Habitat Videos (2010-2014)

07. Difondo - Himalaya (2008)

Himalaya Videos (2008-2010)

11. Difondo - Operaio (2009)

Other Videos (2009)

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